RAD - Level remote control

RAD - Level remote control


Cod.: 0000000 + -

RAD is a specific device for remote telecontrol and monitoring of OIL / DIESEL / LPG / ADBLUE tanks, technological plant telecontrol, PIPELINES, level control, flow rate, pressure, and temperature monitoring.

It is equipped with configurable digital and analog inputs that allow the control and measurement of various physical parameters such as level, pressure, temperature, weight, or threshold alarms, both digital and/or pulse counters.

The LCD display and the 6 buttons on the front panel enable convenient navigation through menus, viewing measurements, and controlling the status of inputs and outputs.

RAD records the measurements in log files that are sent via HTTP POST to a cloud service at a user-defined interval or in real-time if the setup requires it. RAD comes with a 4G GSM modem with triple technology LTE-M / NB-IoT / 2G fallback, allowing it to use either the 2G or 4G network, adapting to the most widely used communication standard (2G) at present, as well as the future standard (4G NB-IoT/LTE).

RAD is Atex certified and is therefore the perfect solution for remote control in tanks or storage facilities for flammable/explosive materials.