Networks Remote Control

What is networks remote control?

Networks remote control is essential in the realm of technological installations, offers the ability to remotely control, monitor, and supervise these systems. This technology not only enables remote control but also optimizes performance, increases efficiency and safety, and reduces costs.

In the context of water automation, the remote control plays a crucial role. On one hand, it allows for real-time automatic control of the water network, ensuring immediate and precise management of necessary operations. On the other hand, it handles fundamental maneuvers such as online alarm monitoring, ensuring continuous 24/7 surveillance of the water network and reservoirs.

A significant advantage of network remote control is its ability to ensure the quality of the water that users utilize daily. Through water consumption control and the detection of hidden leaks, such as those due to breaks in concealed parts of the water system, the system becomes more transparent for users. Devices equipped with smart meters are particularly important in this context as they help identify water leaks and wastage, protecting both the economic and environmental aspects.

In summary, remote control of networks represents an advanced technology that not only optimizes the operation of technological installations but also contributes to ensuring water quality, reducing losses and wastage, and preserving the environment.

What are the benefits of Networks Remote Control?

  • Remote control, monitoring, and supervision
  • Optimization of performance and increased efficiency
  • Real-time automatic control of the water network
  • Immediate management of operations and online alarms
  • Continuous 24/7 surveillance of the water network
  • Water consumption control for transparency
  • Detection of hidden leaks in the water system
  • Protection of economic and environmental aspects

Our products dedicated to Network remote control:

  • RCX 3G – Remote control of water network
  • RAD – Level remote control