DPF6/DPF12 Power Factor Controller

DPF6/DPF12 Power Factor Controller

PF.021.1YX + -

DPF6 Power Factor Controller

PF.023.1YX + -

DPF12 Power Factor Controller


SC.004.01 + -
  • Order Code: SC.004.01 (DPF6)
  • Type: IP54 protection
  • Dimensions: 96×96 cm

SC.055.01 + -
  • Order Code: SC.055.01 (DPF12)
  • Type: IP54 protection
  • Dimensions: 144×144 cm

Automatic Power Factor Controller with Microprocessor Management, featuring 6/12 steps, designed for processing highly distorted waveform signals to ensure precise control of electrical parameters in the system.
All measurements are made starting from waveform analysis using the Floating Point Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm to guarantee maximum accuracy.
In addition to the standard power factor management functions, the device monitors the grid and safeguards capacitor banks by disconnecting them in the event of high harmonic distortion, micro-interruptions, or excessively low grid voltage. Microprocessor management allows for the distributed connection of capacitor banks, extending their lifespan. It also allows for the setting of the following advanced functions for each capacitor bank:

  • Fixed battery (useful for fixed power factor correction)
  • Temperature thresholds for ventilation control
  • Alarm relay settings
  • CT settings
  • Connection times and RC Time settings

The controller can monitor the following measurements:

  • Power factor (inductive/capacitive)
  • RMS voltage
  • RMS current
  • Missing power to reach the set-point (inductive, capacitive)
  • Active and reactive power THDI
  • Temperature

The controller is equipped with an RS485 serial interface with the standard Modbus RTU communication protocol.*

*Optional upon request.

Power supply
Operating rated voltage110Vac -20% +10% (PF.023.123)
230Vac -20% +10% (PF.023.121)
440Vac -20% +10% (PF.023.120)
Frequency50 o 60Hz
Power consumption3VA (EPF6) - 5VA (EPF12)
Recommended fuse0.5A
Voltage input
Measuring range85 → 490Vac
Frequency range50 or 60Hz ±5%
Current input
Maximum rated current 6.0A
Operating current range 0.25 -5.0A
Accuracy±5% (0.25 → 5.0A)
Input typeShunt for external C.T. (DPF12)
Shunt per connessione TA esterno (DPF6)
Power consumption< 1VA
Option/1A ( 1.25A max, 0.05 → 1.0A operating current range)
Temperature measure
Operating Temperature range 0 → +100°C
Sensor typeNTC 10k
Setting range
Power factor setpoint0.50 ind → 0.50 Cap
External CT ratio1.0 → 5000 (25000A)
Step Capacity range0.0 → 6500.0 kVar
Minimum connection period (Sensitivity SENS time)1.0 sec → 100.0sec
Relay output
13 (DPF12)
Features6 banks (DPF6)
12 banks (DPF12)
1 alarm/ fan
Maximum switching voltage440Vac – 1A
Maximum rated current250Vac – 10A (Ac1)
Maximum current on common terminal1oA
Maximum power1250VA
Electrical Life 1*105 ops
Mechanical working life2*107 ops
TypePlug in – removable
Conductor cross section0.5mm → 2.0mm
User interface
Display16 characters – 2 row
16 characters – 4 row (DPF12)
Backlight coloryellow
Keypad4 keys
Serial interface
TypeRS485 (default)
Environment operating condition
Operating temperature-20 → +55°C
Storage temperature-30 → +60°C
Relative humidity (non-condensing)< 80%
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions96*96*57mm (DPF6)
144*144*57mm (DPF12)
Panel cutout92*92mm (DPF6)
138*138mm (DPF12)
EnclosureSelf-extinguishing V0 plastic
Mounting typePanel Flush mount
Protection degreeIP41 front (IP54 with optional cover)
IP20 rear