ZERO Balance – Cylinder remote monitoring

ZERO Balance – Cylinder remote monitoring


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The Zero Balance device periodically transmits the level of LPG inside the cylinder to the cloud service. Through the app the customer can view the value directly on the smartphone and can book the collection while the logistics can constantly monitor the level of LPG and agree with the customer the day of collection of the empty cylinder.


  • No operation on the customer’s gas system
  • Suitable for any cylinder
  • Simple and intuitive installation


  • Deliveries optimisation
  • Logistics costs reduction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Zero Balance is also combined with the WebVision service for viewing data on the Web.

Zero Balance includes:

  • Zero Balance remote control device
  • WebVision* cloud service to view information
  • Integrated SIM for communication App for viewing on smartphone

*API’s are available for interfacing with the customer’s management software.