OIL&GAS Tank Remote Monitoring

What is OIL&GAS Tank Remote Monitoring?

OIL&GAS tank remote monitoring allows for remote level reading on tanks in both domestic and industrial applications, as well as for fleet management. Remote monitoring is made possible through modems that measure fuel levels using pressure probes, magnetostrictive immersion probes, or by directly reading data from the level indicator. Hiteks offers many solutions for remote level monitoring, which can be adapted to any customer’s requirements. Our products are easy to install, allow for real-time status verification and alarm management through the WebVision web portal, to achieve functional and user-friendly remote monitoring.

Why is OIL&GAS tank remote monitoring important?

In industrial plants, remote monitoring is important because, thanks to increased surveillance of the plant, it allows for the management of refueling in a programmed manner, saving on logistical costs.

Remote monitoring allows for checking for any thefts, recording any malfunctions, thus providing greater safety for individuals and better service, both in terms of energy savings and end-user satisfaction. The OIL&GAS distributor can thus better manage deliveries and will no longer be forced to schedule last-minute supplies, resulting in significant savings on transportation costs.

What are the advantages of OIL&GAS Tank Remote Monitoring?

  • Real-time information
  • Logistics management programming
  • Cost savings
  • Theft control
  • Elimination of last-minute supplies
  • Level monitoring for end users

Our products forOIL&GAS Tank Remote Monitoring: