RCX 3G Box - Kit for remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems

RCX 3G Box - Kit for remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems

Cod.: TL.042.100E + -


AC.070.100 + -
  • Order Code: AC.070.100
  • Type: Analog Solarimeter

AC.070.103 + -
  • Order Code: AC.070.103
  • Type: Current Transformer

AC.070.104 + -
  • Order Code: AC.070.104
  • Type: Solarimeter Serial Output

AC.070.105 + -
  • Order Code: AC.070.105
  • Type: power grid analyzer

RCX 3G Box is a KIT that enables real-time remote monitoring of technological installations via the GSM/GPRS network and is applicable to any photovoltaic or wind installation.

Allows to control:

  • Production
  • Functionality (including by string)
  • Statistics
  • Temperatures

BOX RCX can be ordered in 3 versions::

  1. Version with GPRS module (RCX GPRS) and three-phase analyzer
  2. Version with GPRS module and integrated two single-phase CTs (RCX NRG GPRS)
  3. Version with two single-phase CTs (RCX NRG)
In the RCX BOX, the UPS function is integrated, with automatic notification of power grid interruptions/restorations. The internal backup battery ensures system autonomy to provide sufficient advance notice of any interruptions. The antenna is integrated into the BOX*, or, as an optional feature available upon request, it can be remotely connected with an external antenna and extension cable ranging from 1-3-5-10 meters. *except for the RCX NRG module.


  • 24-hour real-time remote monitoring
  • 3G communication module
  • Power supply 80-230Vac
  • Backup with rechargeable lithium battery
  • 5 digital inputs for counting/alarms
  • 4 analog inputs (2×0-5Vdc, 2×4-20mA)
  • 2 relay outputs (0.5A – 230Vac)
  • Dimensions 185x200x105 mm
  • Bipolar fuse holder
  • Protection with IP55-rated enclosure
  • Integrated antenna


  • Remote monitoring of Floods / Levels / Flow Rates / Pressures / Wastewater
  • Remote monitoring of LPG / Diesel / GAS Tanks
  • Remote monitoring of gas distribution systems
  • Remote monitoring of Photovoltaic and wind installations
  • Control of Climate and control for large utilities and boilers

All data is visible at any time on the web by pairing the RCX 3G BOX with the Web Vision Calore service.