Wireless Concentrator M-Bus GSM KUBO

Wireless Concentrator M-Bus GSM KUBO

Cod.: TL.033.100 + -

The Wireless M-Bus GSM KUBO Concentrator is a device equipped with a Wireless MBUS radio receiver and a GSM/GPRS module. The device works with a standard SIM card inserted in the SIM holder. The Wireless M-Bus GSM KUBO Concentrator receives data transmitted via radio with Wireless M-Bus protocol from other measuring devices located in its vicinity, equipped with Wireless M-Bus radio module (e.g. heat distributors, heat meters, …) at a maximum indicative distance of 100 meters in open field and 25 meters inside a building. The KUBO Wireless M-Bus GSM Concentrator periodically sends the data received to the WebVision server via the GSM/GPRS connection. The data acquired from the server can be accessed from a Personal Computer through an internet browser or from an Android or iOS mobile device, both smartphone and tablet through the WebVision App, using your own internet connection. Alternatively, the Wireless M-Bus GSM KUBO Concertator can send the received data to a generic FTP server. The data is stored in a csv file (Comma-Separated Values) which is sent to the FTP server.
Power supply12Vdc (min 9Vdc, max 14Vdc)
Consumption 3.5W Max
GSM frequency 850 – 900 – 1800 -1900 MHz Quad Band
Wireless MBUS frequency 868 MHz

GSM Antenna TypeSMA M Screwable stylus
Wireless MBUS Antenna type λ/4 Wire
Wireless MBUS modeT mode, C mode, S mode
Max MBUS Wireless Transmitters600
n°1 USB connectormicro USB (type B)
Wireless MBUS frequency 868 MHz

Operating range-20 .. +55 °C
Storage range -20 .. +55 °C
Humidity limits 20 .. 80 % RH non condensing
Protection Degree IP30
Box – Material ABS V0 self-extinguishing
Colour RAL 9003 (white signal)
Weight ~ 98 gr.
Dimensions 75x25x75 mm
Installation Wall Mount

WebVision Calore for Wireless Concentrator M-Bus GSM KUBO

Once the Kubo GSM Concentrator has been installed in the stairwell, it is switched on. We install the distributors on the radiator or heat meters and through the portal WebVision Calore you will start and record them quickly and easily. The WebVision Calore server receives and stores all the data sent periodically by the Wireless MBUS GSM concentrators.

Heat Metering Telecontrol Benefits:

  • Accurate and individual consumption tracking for each dwelling.
  • An average savings of 30% on the building’s heating cost by monitoring your consumption in real-time.
  • Autonomous temperature management according to your needs and payment only for your own consumption.
  • Eligibility for tax benefits such as IRPEF deductions as mandated by law, and a 10% VAT rate.
  • Constant visualization of your own consumption.