TESTING SERVICE 421/2014/R/eel

TESTING SERVICE 421/2014/R/eel

Hiteks offers a connectivity test to confirm that the setup of Easy FV and the wiring towards the SPI and DDI are correct. Once the online order is placed and the system data is provided by filling out this form, one of our technical representatives will contact you to arrange the date and time of the test. Please note: the date and time of the test will be agreed upon with the customer once the test purchase is made.

  • During the test, the presence of a qualified technician in the system is required.
  • The technician must have their own SIM card (Wind, Vodafone, TIM), in addition to the one provided by the distributor, as the latter may be restricted to a closed user group.
  • This SIM card must have the PIN request disabled and sufficient credit to send at least 20 SMS messages.

Service cost:

89€ + VAT for 1 plant

The provided service will conduct up to a maximum of 3 connection tests per single device and up to a maximum of 30 minutes of assistance per single system. In the event of objectively negative outcomes due to external issues not attributable to the modem, such as incorrect modem configuration, improper wiring, etc., the cost cannot be refunded, and the test/assistance package will need to be repurchased.