ZERO RADIO – remote control of tank level reading

ZERO RADIO – remote control of tank level reading


Cod.: TL.014.300 + -
  • Order code: TL.014.300
  • Type: KIT Transmitter+Receiver (Europlug)
Cod.: TL.014.301 + -
  • Order code: TL.014.301
  • Type: Additional transmitter (for tank expansion that can be managed from the basic kit)
Cod.: TL.014.302 + -
  • Order code: TL.014.302
  • Type: Additional Europlug receiver (for expansion of the display of tanks that can be managed by the basic kit)
Cod.: TL.014.330 + -
  • Order code: TL.014.330
  • Type: KIT Transmitter+Receiver (Schuko)
Cod.: TL.014.332 + -
  • Order code: TL.014.332
  • Type: Schuko additional receiver (for tank display expansion operable from basic kit)
Zero Radio periodically transmits the level of LPG inside the tank and shows the value in the display of the receiver placed on an electrical outlet inside the house. The Zero Radio device starts flashing when the tank is in reserve. Zero Radio receiver also has the function of repeater, doubling the viewing distance of data from the tank.

Transmitter technical data

Power supplyNon-rechargeable Lithium battery pack, 3.6V
Life Time Expected5 years
Connectivity Radio SRD (Short Range Device) 868MHz
Fixing Bracket supplied for direct attachment of the pre-existing level indicator to the housing
Dimensions 70x38x99 mm
Weight 130 gr.
Container type PVC, degree of protection IP68
Operating temperature -20°C ..+55°C

Receiver technical data

Power supply110-230Vac 50-60Hz
ConnectivityRadio SRD (Short Range Device) 868MHz
Vertical wall mounted, on 110-230Vac plug
Dimensions 96x55x54 mm
Weight 250 gr
Container type PVC


  • It periodically transmits the level and is displayed on the receiver of the bright display
  • Direct installation on the LPG tank, underground or above ground, of any make and model*
  • Level control directly above the original indicator without tampering with/modifying the system;
  • Minimum level alarm management with display flashing in case of reserve
  • Alarm of disconnection from the tank and low battery level of the transmitter
  • Radio transmission up to 50 meters
  • Transmitter battery included
  • Integrated antennas
  • Display of the same tank on multiple receivers (with the addition of multiple optional receivers)

*except for tanks with double reading level indicator and/or non-standard international level indicator

Note: the receiver can handle up to 3 tanks (with the addition of optional transmitters)



Installation Video

LPG tank monitoring system