RAD - Tank monitoring and remote control

RAD - Tank monitoring and remote control


Cod.: TL.014.400 + -
Cod.: TL.014.401 + -

RAD is a control unit designed for the remote managing of OIL / LUBRICANT / LPG / ADBLUE TANKS, or TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, PIPE LINE, LEVEL CONTROL and FLOW CONTROL.

RAD is equipped with configurable digital and analogue inputs allowing the control and the measure of different physical quantities: level, pressure, temperature, weight, or threshold, digital and/or pulse counter alarms.
The LCD display and the 6 keys on the front panel allow a comfortable navigation through the menus, displaying data evaluation and managing the status of the inputs and outputs.

RAD capture, display and record measurement data in log files, communicated in HTTP POST mode with a settable period to a cloud service, or in instant mode if required by the setup. RAD is equipped with a 4G GSM modem triple technology LTE-M / NB-Iot / fallback 2G suitable to 2G network or 4G network, the communication
standard most used at present (2G) and to the future standard (4G NB-Iot/LTE).

RAD is Atex certified and it is specifically made for remote control of fuel tanks or petrol depots or other material at fire or explosion risk.