Il ripartitore di calore ST-RCJ

ST-RCJ Heat Cost Allocators

Cod.: AC.013.130 + -

Order Code: AC.013.130
Type: Integrated Probe

Cod.: AC.013.131 + -

Order Code: AC.013.131
Type: Remote Probe

The ST-RCJ Heat Cost Allocator is equipped with an ergonomic LCD display that allows the user to easily read the values of current heat consumption.

In addition, these data are recorded in the internal memory, making it possible to carry out a comprehensive analysis of heat consumption and the conditions under which the heat distributor has worked over an entire heating season.

ST-RCJ heat cost allocator provides precise temperature measurement of the radiator.

Any attempt at unauthorised use, attempts to remove the radiator with the heat cost allocator attached or the use of thermal barriers near the radiator (furniture, curtains, etc.) are recorded with the exact date of their appearance.

Any manipulation information will be transmitted by radio and notified to the building block administrator.

Heating media temperaturestmin ≥ 35 °C, tmax ≤ 85 °C
Range reading in open space< 250 m
Data protocol format Wireless M-Bus
Transmission frequency
868 MHz

Transmitting power 10 mW
Measuring methodtwo sensors
CompliantCSN EN 834
Billing period year/month
n°2 relé outputs ABS + PC / AI – F22
Record conditionsradiator temperature ≥ 23 °C
difference between the temperature of the heating medium and the ambient temperature ≥ 4 °C
Dimensions103x37x32 mm
Weight 0,076 kg
Protection Degree IP42


  • Large, readable display, 8 positions, intuitive symbols and display of value units.
  • Wireless data transmission system, carried out by: infrared port; direct reading through the reader and the radio interface;
  • Precise measurement of radiator temperature.
  • The cancellation of any tampering takes place through the frontal optical port by the authorized technician.