WebVision is a simple and customizable online software. WebVision is a web service “in the cloud” that manages and displays data from all remote control devices. It is accessible from any device (PC, Smartphone and Tablet) and allows the customer to customize the management of accounts by deciding what role and what data to display, ensuring with this system the confidentiality of data.


  • Immediate data: data is examined in real time on all connected devices.
  • Create daily data reports
  • Saving and archiving large volumes of data

Solutions for remote control in the OIL&GAS sector

  • Remote control of the level status of the tanks
  • Remote control of user consumption
  • User access for direct purchase of prepaid gas
  • Supply planning

Each account is assigned a service access role

  • Admin access: allows you to manage and control multiple plants with a single account through simple screens, suitable for controlling the functionality of the plants themselves.
  • User access: reserved access that allows you to access the assigned system, being able to consult only the data of your own system.

**For more information on services please contact this email address: info@shitek.it