EASY FV DIN Remote Disconnect Modem

EASY FV DIN Remote Disconnect Modem

Cod.: TL.033.002 + -
(power supply not included / antenna included)

Remote GSM/GPRS disconnection compliant with AEEG 421/2014 CEI 0-16 attachment M

The EASY FV Din device complies with the requirements of the decree of the Authority for Electricity, Gas, and Water Systems, aimed at ensuring the safety of the national electrical system. The decree mandates the installation of a remote control system for disconnection, managed by the network owner, for power generation facilities (such as photovoltaic, wind, or cogeneration) with a capacity equal to or greater than 100 kW. EASY FV Din can be directly connected to the SPI interface and, through the pre-established remote commands compliant with the directive, can perform disconnection and remote diagnostics.

Remote Control

  • Activation/deactivation of Digital Outputs (DO) via SMS with AEEG 421/2014 CEI 0-16 compliant protocol
  • Sending the status of Digital Inputs (DI) via SMS with AEEG 421/2014 CEI 0-16 compliant protocol
  • Requesting the system status remotely via SMS
  • Management of the list of enabled Caller Line Identifications (CLI) (up to 50)
  • 1 RS232 TTL serial available for interfacing with SPI (optional TTL to RS232 or RS485 converter)
  • 1 mini USB serial for programming and parameterization commands
  • Configurable network loss alarm transmission (if backup batteries are installed)
  • Temperature measurement on internal probe, remotely queryable via SMS
  • Temperature measurement on external probe (optional), remotely queryable via SMS
  • Complete remote parameterization via SMS
  • Complete application update remotely in case of regulatory upgrades and/or added functionalities
Power supply12Vdc 1.3VA max
Digital Inputsn°2 to be connected to clean external contacts (polarized by the modem's voltage)
Interfacen°1 serial RS232 TTL
Communication module modem quad band 850-900-1800-1900 MHz with proprietary OS and standard AT command set
Digital outputsn. 1 with voltage-free contact - n. 1 optional on request
Contact Range5A 30Vdc, 3A 400Vac (cosφ 1)
Command buttonsn°1 front panel for relay switching
Dimensions4 DIN modules
Protection degreeIP40 on front panel - IP 20 on terminals
Terminal boardScrew terminals
Serial communicationSMS commands with protocol compliant AEEG 421/2014 CEI 0-16 Annex M
Operating temperature-20°C +55°C
Power consumptionstandby=>50mA /12Vdc - Talk with active input/output => 450mA 12Vdc
Standard antenna performanceVertical polarization Gain 3db Frequency range:
A => 890-960MHz B=>1710-1990MH Bandwidth: A=>70MHz B =>170MHz

Modem testing service in compliance with decree 421/2014

Hiteks provides a connectivity test to confirm the correctness of the Easy FV setup and the wiring towards the SPI and DDI.