BOX RCX 3G – Kit for plants remote controls

BOX RCX 3G – Kit for plants remote controls

Cod.: TL.042.100E + -

BOX RCX 3G is a KIT dedicated to the remote control of systems..

Allows to:

  • Sensors monitoring
  • Tank levels chek
  • Remote control of actuators
  • Display temperatures
  • Check alarms
  • Display the flow rate
  • Checking consumption


  • Real-time 24-hour remote control
  • 3G Communication Module
  • Power supply 80-230Vac
  • Backup with rechargeable lithium battery
  • 5 digital inputs for count/alarm
  • 4 analog inputs (2×0-5Vdc, 2×4-20mA)
  • 2 relay outputs (0.5A – 230Vac)
  • Dimensions 185x200x105 mm
  • Bipolar fuse holder
  • Protection with IP55 box
  • Integrated antenna


  • Remote control of Levels / Flow rates / Pressures / Wastewater
  • Remote control of LPG / Diesel / Gas tanks
  • Remote control of GAS distribution plants
  • Wind Power Photovoltaic Remote Control
  • Air conditioning control for large users of boilers

Tutti i dati sono visibili in ogni momento su web abbinando BOX RCX 3G al servizio Web Vision.