EASY Wall – GSM chronothermostat

EASY Wall – GSM chronothermostat

Cod.: TL.033.000 + -

(charger included)

EASY is a GSM chronothermostat, a device designed primarily to regulate the temperature of domestic environments according to a specific period of time, which differs from common chronothermostats: with EASY you can in fact control the temperature of a room remotely by sending a simple TEXT from any model of mobile phone. Each input and output can be associated with a defined name, customizable in order to facilitate understanding and each alarm text can be customized according to the need. EASY is also easy to use and install: just insert any SIM, even rechargeable, and is ready to use.
Power supply12Vdc (min 9Vdc, max 14Vdc)
Consumption3.5W Max
Frequency 850 – 900 – 1800 -1900 MHz Quad Band
Antenna Type SMA M Screwable stylus
n°2 digital inputsConfigurable N.O. / N.C.
n°1 indoor probeNTC 10K @25°C ±1%
n°1 outdoor probeNTC 10K @25°C ±1% (optional)
n°2 relé exit2 x 3A @ 400 Vac
n°1 USB connectormicro USB (type B) (available depending on the hardware version)
Length of external probe wires3m max, or up to 25m with shielded cable
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Temperature alarm values 2.0 °C (per 60 seconds)
Indoor probe measuring range 0.0 .. 105.0 °C
Outdoor probe measuring range -35.0 .. 105.0 °C
Measuring range-20.0 .. 55.0 °C
Buffer batteries3xAAA NiMh 1,2V 800..1000 mAh
Operating Range-20 .. +55.0 °C
Storage Range-20 .. +55.0 °C
Humidity limits20 .. 80 % RH non-condensing
Protection degree IP30
Box – Material ABS V0 self-extinguishing
Colour RAL 9003 (white signal)
Weight ~ 98 gr.
Dimensions75x25x75 mm
InstallationWall mount

The EASY functions connected to the GPL remote control are:

It is possible to simultaneously configure the thermostat for heating, for remote boiler ignition and shutdown, and for remote temperature control. Like all standard thermostats, you can also set up a heating schedule.

Air Conditioning
You can remotely turn on your air conditioner and adjust the start and stop temperatures.

Anti-Freeze Control
It is possible to install an anti-freeze alarm, an ideal function for second homes or mountain houses.

Thanks to these functions, you can finally control the temperature of your home or office remotely, resulting in significant energy savings.”


Not only heating, air conditioning and frost control: EASY can also be used for many other functions, including:

Air Conditioning

You can turn on your air conditioner remotely and adjust the on/off temperature.

Antifreeze control

An antifreeze alarm can be installed, which is ideal for second homes or mountain homes.

Automatic gate opener

You can connect EASY to your own automatic gate and open it with a simple mobile phone ring. This way you will no longer need a remote control for the automatic gate, also access is configurable for up to 100 users

Power failure alert

An SMS alert is sent in case of power failure.

Remote activation/switching off of the alarm system

You can connect EASY to your alarm and remotely turn it on or off with an TEXT.

Reading the consumption of the photovoltaic system

You can connect EASY to your photovoltaic system and be informed by SMS about the energy consumed in the grid, the energy produced by the photovoltaic system and the energy you consume.

Vending machine

GSM remote control of vending machines, with control in case of depletion of stocks, alarm in case of power failure, monitoring of the quantity of products.


  • Activation of an output with a custom SMS
  • Requesting the system status remotely via both SMS and a missed call
  • Automatic reporting of settings changes
  • Customization of alarm text
  • Temperature measurement with internal and external probes
  • Summer/winter temperature management (reversal of regulation functionality)
  • Chrono functionality for up to 3 distinct and configurable daily periods for each day of the week
  • Complete parameterization with simple SMS commands
  • Frontal indicators for power status, GSM signal level, and relay status
  • Option to install 3 rechargeable AAA batteries for alerts even in case of power outage.
  • Option to connect the device to the web portal for remote control via WEB VISION CALORE.