GPS TWO – GPS tracker with 3G technology

GPS TWO – GPS tracker with 3G technology

Cod.: TL.040.300 + -

Remote control system with 3G technology and GPS vehicle locator suitable for any professional automotive application. The GPS TWO series device transmits the position acquired through the GSM and GPS antennas (integrated) and there is also a connector for DIVERSITY GPS ANTENNA external for any connection to better performance. Based on the satellite position calculated instant by instant, the device is able to perform very accurate linear processing and interpolation, transmitting data accurately and completely, sending the required information in 3G mode.

From the inputs it is therefore possible to obtain data and/or alarms and possibly configure advanced functions such as:

  • counting
  • level check
  • average mileage
  • key contact inserted
  • stops verification
  • intrusions
  • theft/fuel filling
  • etc…

The Webvision service allows you to control the following information using smartphone/ PC:

  • Instant satellite position
  • Instantaneous status of digital and analog inputs
  • Instant speed and route changes
  • Historical route of the vehicle
  • Average mileage processing
  • Refuelling and withdrawals (with special level control accessory)
  • History of the milestones
Power supply Min 8Vdc – Max 36 Vdc
Digital inputsn.2 for general alarms (IN1-IN2)
n.1 contact ODOMETRIC (ODO)
n.1 contact KEY
Analogical inputsNo. 2 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA settable (ANA1- ANA2)
Serial interface
RS232 V.24 o RS485 (option depending on model)
Consumption<300mA 24 Vdc
ModemFive band 3G HSDPA
RLS monitoring (Jamming detection)
Embedded TCP/IP Stack
Java embedded ME 3.2
GPSGPS receiver 16 channels
NMEA-0183 V 2.3 protocol
RCTM, sensitivity -157 dBm
Precision 2.5m CEP 5m SEP
Start-up Time : reconnection < 3.5 s
Restart: 33 s
Start: 34 s
Route performance errorsProprietary software with GPS receiver use, max 10%
Proprietary software with odometric use, max 2,5%
Backup (optional)Internal rechargeable lithium battery 1500mAh 3.6V (integrated battery charger control)
Weight300 gr
Protection degree
IP30 complete with fixing brackets
20P Minifit Female Extractable Connector for I/O
Standard extractable connector Microfit female 6P for serial
SMA F connector for GPS antenna
Temperature range
Temperature range
Normal operation: from -30 °C to +75 °C. switch-off > +90 °C

How does the GPS TWO work?

The GPS-TWO device does not require any setup and therefore every function is available on the WEB VISION portal. All available alarms and contacts are active and configured in order to be used at will by the customer. For a complete and exhaustive use of the web service we refer you directly to the WEB VISION portal created specifically in a simple and intuitive interactive mode in all functions.

Why choose GPS-TWO?

Today it is difficult to imagine managing a fleet of vehicles without GPS technology. It’s not just a matter of locating vehicles, it’s a matter of various simplifications designed for the world of work. Companies are becoming increasingly interested in remote control solutions to expand their business. All this is possible with the GPS TWO device that allows you to monitor the fleet for LPG deliveries.

What are the GPS-TWO benefits?

  • Comfortable and efficient route planning.
  • Employee safety: in the event of an accident or breakdown, help can be provided more quickly and immediate action taken. Precise location increases the chances of effective intervention and medical help after car crash.
  • The security of the company’s business: In the event of an unforeseen event, it will be possible to organize assistance immediately and thus reduce the time the vehicle is out of service.

We can be used the GPS TWO for other purposes?

Yes. The GPS- TWO tracker can be used for many other services, such as:

  1. Track delivery vehicles
  2. Track a personal car
  3. Track bikes and quads
  4. Track boats… and much more…