RCX 3G – Photovoltaic system remote monitoring

RCX 3G – Photovoltaic system remote monitoring


Cod.: TL.042.000 + -
Remote control allows to, monitoring and supervision of technological installations. Telecontrolling also means optimizing the efficiency and safety of installations, reducing costs, and increasing their efficiency. The automation of a photovoltaic system involves real-time automatic control of the network on one hand and the management of all necessary operations, such as online alarm management, on the other. With the RCX 3G telecontrol modem, it’s possible to have 24/7 coverage to monitor the effectiveness of photovoltaic installations. Additionally, you can associate the modem with the WebVision portal, allowing you to view the installation’s data at any time.
Power supply12Vdc ±10%, consumption 500mA
ConnectivityGSM/GPRS Dual Band
SIM cardStandard SIM card
Digital inputs
5 Digital I/Os that can be used as:
– digital inputs (dry contact open closed)
– counter (max. frequency 10Hz)
– uscite open-– open-collector outputs (maximum load 100mA – 24V)
Analogic inputsn°4 analog inputs of which:
n°2 inputs 0-5V
n°2 4-20mA inputs
Outputsn.2 exchange relay outputs, with separate NO and NC contacts (flow rate 0.5A 230vac)
Serial communicationn°1 RS485 configurable Modbus RTU
n°1 RS232 TTL configurable Modbus RTU (Konnex with external converter)
Configurable baud rate from 2400 to 19200 bps
Status Indicators n°7 LEDs for I/O status indication
n°1 LED communication indication
Container type Self-extinguishing plastic class V0
Dimensions90x53x58mm – 3 DIN modules
Operating temperature-20°C … +55°C
Relative humidity0 to 80% non-condensing


The system provides the following features:

  • Real-time display of the current production status.
  • Graphical visualization of historical data from the installation.
  • Alarm management via email or SMS.
  • Utilizes a 3G module.

All data is accessible at any time on the web by combining RCX 3G with the Web Vision Calore service.