E-Power Factor Controller

EPF E-Power Factor Controller

PF.010.10X + -


SC.004.01 + -
  • Order Code: SC.004.01
  • Type: IP54 protection
  • Dimensions: 96×96 cm

Device designed with signal processing technology capable of accurately controlling electrical parameters in the system, including voltage, current, phase shift, and internal panel temperature. It can also command ventilation systems and, if necessary, intervene in the case of excessively high internal temperature by disconnecting the inserted batteries sequentially. All electrical measurements are performed with a comprehensive analysis using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of the waveform, with floating-point calculations. Utilizing a powerful calculation algorithm, the instrument can manage capacitor banks by selectively connecting/disconnecting reactive energy as needed, significantly reducing the number of operations and ensuring uniform battery usage while monitoring wear and tear. In compliance with applicable regulations, it monitors for micro-interruptions and/or voltage sags, protecting the capacitors and re-energizing them only after the discharge transient. The following measurements are displayed: Power Factor (Inductive/Capacitive), RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Delta Power (Inductive, Capacitive), THD I% (Total Harmonic Distortion in Current), and TEMPERATURE. The dedicated display digit, NAV, allows for immediate identification of the ongoing alarm type and its magnitude in the adjacent digits. The setup for each individual battery is simply done by entering its nominal value, independently for each step to be set, making it easy to understand and read the configured parameters. The device allows for customized settings of discharge devices (reconnection time) and the nominal voltage of the capacitor banks.
Power supply
110Vac -20% +10% (PF.010.102)
230Vac -20% +10% (PF.010.101)
440Vac -20% +10% (PF.010.100)
Network frequency 50 o 60Hz ±5%
Power consumption 3.3VA
Current input 2.5 – 110% Ie
Operation 2 or 4 settable quadrants
Power factor control 0.85 Ind to 0.95 Cap
Measurements Voltage,current,power factor, power, temperature,THDI
Display4 characters 7 segments – red
LedRelay Output status;MAN/AUT; Ind-Cap; Allarm
Relay outputs for batteries 4
Contact range 5A 250V (AC1), max switching 400V
Terminal board Standard, extractable
Operating temperature -20°C + 55°C
Frontal protection degree IP41 (IP54 with optional cover)
Dimensions96x96x57 mm
Weight 300 gr.