HCR Automatic Power Factor

HCR Automatic Power Factor

PF.026.000 + -
6 bank version
PF.026.001 + -
12 bank version


SC.004.01 + -
  • Order Code: SC.004.01 (DPF6)
  • Type: IP54 protection
  • Dimensions: 96×96 cm

AC.012.004 + -
  • Order Code: AC.012.004
  • Type: USB 2.0 optical interface
AC.012.003.01 + -
  • Order Code: AC.012.003.01
  • Type: serial interface

HCR is an automatic power factor controller with a microprocessor, developed for measuring even highly distorted signals; it allows for precise control of electrical quantities in the system, such as voltage, current, phase shift, harmonic distortion in current, harmonic distortion in voltage, and internal panel temperature. In addition to the normal power factor management functions, HCR protects capacitor banks in case of voltages, currents, harmonic distortions, and temperatures outside the set operating range. HCR also disconnects capacitor banks in the event of micro-interruptions in the electrical network. Microprocessor-based management enables the distribution of operations, extending the life of capacitors and contactors. Thanks to the innovative “active timing” mode, HCR ensures the setpoint is reached in a constant time, speeding up or slowing down operations depending on the distance from the setpoint. The internal software allows for setting each battery with the nominal value of the capacitors or setting specific functions such as the fixed battery, setting the temperature threshold for fan activation, managing the alarm relay operation, the CT ratio, and all parameters necessary for adaptation to the power factor correction panel in which it is installed. HCR displays the following measurements: power factor, RMS voltage, RMS current, THDI and THDV, active, reactive, apparent power, delta power to reach the setpoint, and temperature. The state, measurements, alarms, and device setup are displayed on the latest-generation LCD screen in a simple and user-friendly mode. Through the front optical port, with dedicated software for data download/upload and configurations, it is possible to read and set up the instrument without opening the electrical panel. HCR comes pre-equipped with an RS232TTL interface by default and can be integrated with an optional RS485/RS232 interface using the standard Modbus RTU protocol. Expansion modules are available for remote management of the system, which can be connected to the optional interface, such as 3G modem, Ethernet, Wifi.
Power supply
Maximum rated voltage85 → 490Vac
Operating voltage range85 → 490Vac
Frequency50/ 60Hz
Power consumption10VA
Recommended fuse0.5A
Voltage measure
Measuring range 85 → 490Vac
Frequency range 50 or 60Hz ±5%
Input impedance6MΩ
Current measure
Maximum rated current 6.0A
Operating current range 0.25 -5.0A
Input type Shunt for external C.T
Power consumption < 1VA
Relay output
Quantity 7
Maximum rated voltage, open contacts440v
Maximum rated current 8A→ 250Vac (AC1)
Maximum current
common terminal
Maximum power2kW
Electrical Life1*105
Mechanical working life2*107
Type Plug in – removable
Diameter of wire 0.5mm → 2.0mm
User interface
DisplayLCD with back light
Backlight color white
Keypad 4 keys
Optical interface
Standard IEC 62056
Baud rate 9600bps
Stop bit1
Serial plug*
Type RS232 TTL
Velocità di trasmissione1200 → 115200bps
Baud rate None – Even – odd
Stop bit1
Environment operating condition
Operating temperature -20 → +55°C
Storage temperature -30 → +60°C
Relative humidity
< 80%
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions96*96*57mm (DPF6)
Weight 280g
Enclosure Self-extinguishing V0 plastic
Mounting type Panel Flush mount
Protection degree
IP41 frontal (IP54 with optional cover)
IP20 rear
Panel Cutout92*92mm
*Optional communication module: RS485/RS232 USB ETHERNET