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GSM Chronothermostat Easy

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Installation

Does the GSM Chronothermostat Easy need an experienced user to install it?

It is always advisable to call an electrician, but if you have a bit of practicality you can install it yourself. It’s very simple. Inside there is a manual with all the indications.

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Batteries

If I don’t use it during the summer period, can I turn it off by leaving the sim or should I also remove the replacement batteries?

You can leave it switched off by leaving the SIM card inserted, however, if left off for a long time, before turning it on again recharge the replacement batteries.

The charger supplied recharges the batteries or I have to buy the external power supply?

The charger supplied is used to power Easy, the rechargeable batteries, if inserted charged, are kept charged by the charger supplied. If the batteries are not inserted, the power supply unit can recharge them, but this is a bit of a lengthy operation, as it is not strictly a “battery charger”.

The Easy batteries inside have the function to warn the user in case of power failure, once the power is restored, the power supply will also start to recharge the batteries, but as mentioned above, it does not happen quickly, but recharges them.

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Micro USB

What is the purpose of the present micro usb socket?

It is necessary for our company to insert the firmware of the device.

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - NTC Probe

Have an external NTC probe of the old thermostat, I can use it for Easy?

No, the external NTC probes compatible with the Easy product are those supplied by the manufacturer (in this case our company), as the temperature measurement is based on the physical characteristics of that particular model of NTC probe.

Does the NTC probe from Shitek Technology measure temperature even below zero?

The use of an NTC probe from Shitek Technology measures the temperature even below zero.

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Air Conditioner

Can it be mounted on any air conditioner?

The product must be connected in parallel to the contacts that control the heating system. If the air conditioner is operated by a normal thermostat, it is sufficient to connect the Easy relay output in parallel to the thermostat relay.
In all other cases it is necessary to check in the board that operates the air conditioning that there is an input for external/remote control to which the relay output of the Easy will be connected. (E.g. if the air conditioner is connected via BUS to the measure/control unit).

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Parallel Mounting

How does parallel mounting work with a room thermostat in the house? Do I need to start cables from the thermostat output?

The parallel mounting works in such a way that 2 wires start from the Easy output relay and are connected to the 2 output terminals of the house thermostat.

GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Charger

Charger is included?


GSM Chronothermostat Easy - Price

How much it cost GSM Chronothermostat Easy?

The WALL model costs 119.00 euro excluding VAT.

The DIN model costs 150,00 euro excluding VAT.

Remote Control Modem EASY
FV - Contact, number +39

Remote Control Modem EASY FV - Contact, number +39

The network operator asks you to enter a number in your directory.
Should the number be entered with or without +39?

Insert both:

Send the TEXT ADD command to the device to add to the device’s address book the phone number from which the device will accept theTEXT commands that will be sent by the distributor.
This telephone number is provided by the distributor. Add this telephone number twice (with and without the country code; +39 for Italy). If the telephone numbers provided by the distributor are more than one, add all the telephone numbers provided (each 2 times, with and without the international prefix) to the device address book using theTEXT ADD command several times.

TEXT command:
123456 ADD ENERGY1 +393451234567
(with international prefix)

TEXT command:
123456 ADD ENERGY1 3451234567
(without international prefix)

(3451234567 is the telephone number provided by the example distributor)

(ENERGY1 e ENERGY2 may be replaced by other names chosen by you)

Only phone numbers provided by the distributor should be added to the phonebook of the device.


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