WALK-BY - Data Collection

What is the Walk-By system?

The Walk-By system is an innovative solution for monitoring and managing data from Wireless M-Bus radio modules. These modules, installed on meters, heat allocators, or temperature sensors, transmit crucial information for consumption monitoring and efficient resource management.

Thanks to its autonomous nature, the Walk-By system enables seamless reading of data transmitted by radio modules. This process is efficient and fast, without requiring direct user intervention. The use of Bluetooth connection to the tablet, included in the complete kit, further simplifies the data collection process.

The tablet comes with the WB App application pre-installed, providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform for data management. Users can easily download readings flexibly and autonomously, without the need for advanced technical skills. This ensures a smooth and convenient experience for users of all levels.

A significant advantage of the Walk-By system is the availability of data on the tablet without subscription constraints. This means that users can access collected information at any time, without having to pay recurring fees or subscribe to long-term contracts. This freedom of access to data allows for greater flexibility and control for users.

In conclusion, the Walk-By system offers a complete and reliable solution for reading and managing data from Wireless M-Bus radio modules. With its ease of use, data availability without subscription constraints, and autonomous nature, it represents an ideal choice for those seeking an efficient and convenient solution for consumption monitoring and resource management.

Key technical features of the Walk-By system:

  • Fully autonomous management
  • No subscription or license renewal costs
  • Maximum flexibility according to needs
  • Data always available, anytime and anywhere
  • Compatible with multiple manufacturers, with the ability to add new manufacturers upon specific request

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